Rubi® DCX-250 Expert 1550 Tile Saw

  • SKU 52972

RUBI's DCX-250 Expert range of professional cutters is designed for the intensive cutting of porcelain tiles, and any other type of ceramic tiles, while also allowing the occasional cutting of natural stone pieces.

  • Cutting length : 61-1/16"  //  155 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length : 43-5/16 x 43-5/16"  //  90 cm
  • Cutting height : 90 mm
  • 120V 60HZ

The cooling system of the DCX-250 Expert is completed with a double steel decanter for more efficient recovery of waste water, directed to the external water tank with a capacity of 30 litres. By using an external tank, handling the tank for cleaning and filling operations is easier and faster.

The DCX-250 Expert models are equipped with a handle and reinforced wheels (all-terrain type), which allows for a better experience in transporting and handling the mowers. Its foldable and reinforced legs include a quick-locking system and a safety lock that prevents any unintentional folding during work and any movements that we may make in the same work area. In addition, the DCX includes a regulator to ensure the correct levelling of the cutting table.