Stabila® FLS 90 Flooring Line Laser

  • SKU 04490

STABILA FLS90 laser lines are bright, crisp and focused on the floor forming a perfect 90° angle, visible up to 50ft. This innovative laser fits into corners so that its laser lines run on the floor directly along two walls. Any irregularities in the squareness of the walls are immediately visible.

  • Laser class : 2
  • Output : < 1 mW
  • Laser wavelength : 635 nm
  • Measuring range of set receiver : 490 ft
  • Measuring range of visible line : 50 ft
  • Operating life : 20 h
  • Battery type : AA
  • Protection class : IP 54
  • Handy floor line laser for layout work.
  • The 90° angle on the floor allows particularly accurate and time-saving work directly on the laser lines.
  • Switch on and get started straight away: the laser can be operated with one hand at the touch of a button.
  • The STABILA floor line optics ensure optimum visibility of the laser lines – razor-sharp up to 15 m. The laser beams are focused and directed along the floor surface – a technology that is patented in many countries.
  • Innovative dual-purpose base with positioning claws makes placement on flat surfaces and on tiles easy.
  • The laser can be positioned in corners to check the squareness of a room – any irregularities are then immediately visible and can be taken into account during the layout work.
  • Pulse-modulated laser lines for working with an optional line receiver – for exact measurements over large distances.
  • Protection class IP 54.
  • Belt pouch.