Stabila® Type 80 A-2 Levels

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Many contractors want a strong and accurate level that is not so big in the hand, not so heavy, very easy to keep clean at a mid price point. This is the specialty of the type 80 series. The strong frame with soft reinforcing ribs and the STABILA locked vial system is designed for durability and precision. The vials are precisely aligned with the measuring surface then locked into position. Protect your levels with a STABILA case.

  • 2 inches tall, 1 inch wide aluminum rectangular profile with soft reinforcing ribs – for high strength, proper weight and comfort while working.
  • Two plumb vials and one level vial allows for quick readings in any position.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Plastic end caps protect the frame against drops. The frame protects the vials.
  • Certified accuracy in the top read position: 1/32in over 72 inches.
  • The level frame doubles as an outstanding straight edge.
  • STABILA type 80 series frame are manufactured to metric dimensions. All stated type 80 series frame lengths are soft conversions.