Rubi® Triller Electric Thumping System

  • SKU 18978

The RUBI TRILLER is a lightweight and compact manual vibration device for large format tile. It is designed to avoid the generation of encapsulated air bubbles between the adhesive and the back of the ceramic tile. Facilitating, in this way, an ideal adhesion between adhesive and material.

RUBI TRILLER is recommended, to a greater extent, in porcelain sheet installation work. Above all, in formats greater than 118 inches x 40 inches. It can also be used for the installation and correct fixing of uncoupling or waterproofing sheets.

The RUBI TRILLER's low weight, only 10lbs, facilitates its use on vertical supports and work at height. In addition, the design of its floating carbon steel chassis incorporates a careful vibration reduction system, that prevents the return to the user. Thus allowing a longer use, less effort and greater comfort.

The base of contact with the ceramic tile does not leave marks and is easily replaceable.

The RUBI TRILLER joins the rest of the products in the SLAB SYSTEM range to offer the specialized professional a comprehensive and global range of tools, totally specialized in cutting, handling and installation of porcelain sheet.