Rubi® SLAB Heavy Duty Transporter N

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The SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N can be used as a complement to the SLIM CUTTER PLUS (G1), SLAB CUTTER G3 and TC-125 (G1) cutting systems and is compatible with the SLAB CARRIAGE.

The SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N conveyor has been designed mainly for the handling of ceramic sheets with thicknesses of 6 mm or more. These materials, in addition to being a challenge due to their volume (surface) are highly heavy, compared to the 3 or 5 mm sheets to which, until now, we were used. The design of the aluminium profiles of the SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N gives it a maximum load capacity of up to 170 kg. The SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N, from RUBI, incorporates a practical transport bag, equipped with wheels, to facilitate both the handling of the equipment and its storage and protection.

It is made up of a set of two extruded aluminium profiles, reinforced, retractable and adjustable, and two perpendicular crosspieces that favour the robustness and stability of the whole set, especially when handling the heaviest parts. 
Thanks to the 6 vacuum suction cups with a grey rubber base, the tiler can adjust the fixing points, ensuring the handling of the porcelain sheets without fear of marking the tile surface.

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