Raimondi® Modular Bench with folding legs BM180 Mk III

  • SKU 394marai

Equipped with folding legs to put the product in transport configuration quickly and easly. The steel structure and the worktop made of anodized aluminum profiles guarantee sturdiness and stability. Legs provided with adjustable rubber feet.

  • Provided with adjustable anodized aluminum profiles so to avoid to interfere with diamond disc if cutting slabs with angle grinder.
  • Worktop dimensions: 180 x 90 cm (3’x6’). Height: 83 cm (32-3/4 in). Max load 150 Kg (331 lbs).
  • Provided with special connection devices to join more “BM180” so to expand worktop dimensions.
  • Combining two BM180 the resulting worktop dimensions are 360 x 90 cm (11,8’ x 6’): perfect for 300 cm (10’) slabs.