Sigma® Aluminium Workbench Cutting Table For Large Format Tiles

  • SKU 63f

Aluminium workbench for preping large format tiles complete with 6 single aluminium bars and brackets to be able to join another bench to extend the length to 3.6m. Lightweight and robust aluminium frame and adjustable bars for creating larger voids for safe cutting.

  • 180cm x 150cm x 85cm
  • 200kg Weight limit
  • Legs fold under the table for easy transportation or can be disassembled within a few minutes.
  • Easily attach other items such as brackets (402) to hold the Kera-Cut, bench mounting kit for the Simple Bevel and Jolly Edge and tile risers (409) to aid with the use of the Kera-Flex.
  • Thanks to its aluminium structure, light and sturdy, it guarantees an excellent support for large format tiles.
  • Workbenches can be connected to each other get a single worktop 360cm long.
  • With its easily positioned aluminium planks you can create empty areas to allow workings that pass through the tile, such as holes and pockets.
  • It is also possible to add or move planks to create a continuous worktop.
  • For easy transport, it is sufficient to bend the legs, minimize the overall dimensions, or the workbench can be completely dismantled in a few minutes reducing the space.