Raimondi® RLS Heavy Duty Kit

  • SKU 180k0250hd15

HD clips: the best performing and easiest to use.

New kit in box with high quality colour printing which contains: 250 HD 1.5 mm (1/16”) clips for 3-12 mm (1/8”-1/2”) thick tiles, 250 wedges and 1 (manual) floor plier.

  • The R.L.S. HD clips (HD stands for “Heavy Duty”) offer high tensile strength (vertical load).
  • Able to perfectly level even the heaviest tiles.
  • The insertion of the wedge under the tile is very easy thanks to the new design.
  • The best ease of use in the Raimondi range.
  • They are used with the same wedge and the same pliers of all the other Raimondi clips.
  • New packaging that allows a better and faster presentation of the product. The boxes containing the bags are equipped with an easily removable corner. The front of the box has clear indications (combination of colors / numbers) to easily identify the type of clip inside the box.
  • Stackable boxes to create the desired display combination.