Alpha® Ceramica Buff

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The utilization of a natural process to bring out the glossy shine is exclusive to these pads. By using this disc in your polishing process, no dangerous chemicals are necessary to achieve a high final polish. Fabricators easily achieve superior results with the Alpha® Ceramica Buff. Tin oxide and aluminum oxide are powders that have been used for years for the final polishing process. Alpha® Ceramica Buff is a heat compressed disc that combines these powders with a natural fiber in a flexible disc.

Available in black for dark stones and white for light coloured stones.

  • $124.09
  • $124.09
  • Size : 4 in
  • Max RPM : 4 000
  • Produces A Superior Glossy Finish
  • Available in Black for Dark Stones and White for Light Coloured Stones
  • Small Amount of Water Required
  • Consistent Performer for Professional Quality
  • Hook & Loop Backed 
  • Use On Popular Hand-Held Wet Polishers