Alpha® Flexible Backer Pad

  • SKU gp358pd

The flexible Backer Pads are hook and loop backed and will accept Ceramica, Sandpaper and Felt Wheels. Extremely flexible, these backer pads are ideally suited for tough contours and inside curves, allowing the user to get in tight corners with ease. Available in 2 in, 3 in, 4 in, and 5 in versions, these pads come with the standard 5/8 in-11 thread, commonly seen on most of the polishing tools in use today.

  • $44.09
  • Max RPM : 6 000
  • High-Quality Backer Pad Is Extremely Flexible
  • Ideal for Tough Contours and Inside Curves
  • Hook and Loop Backed
  • Highly Resistant To The Rigors of Daily Use Provides A Long Life
  • Accepts Polishing Pads, Sandpaper and Felt Wheels
  • Choice Among Fabricators, Tile Contractors, Monumentalists and Restoration Workers
  • Fits On Most Popular Polishers and Grinders