Raimondi® Pedalo Wash Basin kit

  • SKU 356nswet

For cleaning grout from floors and walls. The pole sponge enables you to work in an upright position on both floors and walls. The pedal eases and speeds the squeezing action of the sponge while allowing the user to remain upright.

  • The sponge float with handle can be used on smaller floor and wall areas.
  • The high-capacity tank (40 lt – 10.5 gal) reduces the need for frequent water changing.
  • The high absorbtion sponge “Sweepex” allows for a perfect cleaning.
  • Supplied with: pole sponge “Sweepex” with aluminum handle, “Sweepex” sponge float with handle, grating, wheels Ø 100 mm (4 po).