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December 17, 2020

How can tiles make my room look larger?

We would all like to have a bathroom as spacious as the ones in the magazines, the reality is very often different from these beautiful pictures. Did you know that tiles allow you to cheat graphically and give an effect of larger size to your rooms? We explain how.

Let’s take the example of a bathroom project. In this type of project, the walls and the floor are very important.

Tile is always an excellent starting point to give a larger size effect. If your room is dark and small, opt for lighter tiles. Another trick is to completely cover the walls and floor with the same tile to create a sense of continuity. So choose a tile that goes on the floor and the wall. Completely tiling the walls and floor with the same tile will definitely make the room look bigger.

To create the illusion of space in your room, you can also install oversized tiles. Visually, when the eye sees a larger tile, the mind interprets the space as larger. This is called an optical illusion, but it is certainly a trick that works! On the other hand, you should choose a tile with a low to moderate variation.

Colour is the key

Color plays an important role in the perception of the size of a space. As a general rule: if you use dark tiles, the room will be more enveloping and warm. On the other hand, the space will feel smaller. On the contrary, if you use light-coloured tiles, your room will be much more airy.

Dark tiles — Cozy atmosphere

Light tiles — Airy atmosphere

Layout patterns

Finally, another important aspect to consider when using tiles is how to install them. There are many clever ways to lay the tiles, whether they are straight, brick or herringbone. However, straight vertical or horizontal laying is still the best way to widen or lengthen the space and give the illusion of a larger room.

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