February 23, 2021

How to choose your kitchen backsplash

When you’re planning a new kitchen or when you want to refresh an existing kitchen, the question about the choice of kitchen backsplash always comes up!

In the case of a complete renovation, it is best to start by choosing the colour and finish of your cabinets and the material for the countertop. Then, with these two elements in hand, you can choose a floor covering to your taste and finalize the project with the choice of backsplash. The backsplash is the cherry on the project’s sundae! You can go easy with a tile that is in the same shades as the countertop or completely daring with a tile that will contrast with its colours and even its shape. In the case of an existing kitchen, installing a new backsplash is a good way to refresh the kitchen at little cost.

The backsplash in softness

For a sleek effect, it is desirable to install a kitchen backsplash in the same shades as the countertop or kitchen cabinets. In fact, the look will be softer if there are fewer colours and the material matches harmoniously. Also, choosing larger tiles will also give a cleaner look because there will be fewer joints between tiles.

The bold backsplash

For a more dynamic look, many options are available! Whether it be the use of patterned tiles, tiles with a terrazzo look, tiles with the veining of natural stone or even tiles with the vibrant colours of the season, it is possible to make a bold choice with your backsplash by opting for a tile that contrasts with the cabinets and the countertop. Also, another trendy option is to accentuate the area between the stove and the hood with a dynamic tile or installation, and complete the set with a plain tile.

Materials, finishes and maintenance

Apart from the aesthetic aspect of the tiles, there are other factors to consider. In terms of material, a ceramic, glass or porcelain tile is very easy to maintain. These products are not porous, so dirt will only remain on the surface. Obviously, a smooth finish tile is much easier to clean than a textured tile. For natural stone tiles, you must apply a sealer before grouting and seal the product over time to prevent it from becoming porous. No matter what your preferred decorating style, the kitchen remains an essential part of your interior, and one of the spaces in which you can push your creativity to the limit.

By making the right choice of kitchen backsplashes, you will ensure that you give character to your kitchen and also mark the singularity of your interior.


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