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November 25, 2020

The 7 questions to ask when buying your tiles

When planning a renovation project, it is important to get as much information as possible before you start shopping to get the desired result the first time.

Before you start your shopping, it is advisable to consult magazines, blogs, Inspiration platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, …) in order to better communicate your style. To help you, here is a list of the most important questions to ask your advisor when buying your tiles.

1. What is the best tile for this project?

If you’re not sure which tile you like is right for what you have in mind, ask for help! It is especially important to choose the right type of tile if you are using it as flooring because some tiles are not strong enough to withstand heavy traffic. Also, for flooring, tiles have different textures and adhesion types, so it is important to find out.


2. What tile shades should I buy?

This question is not about your personal taste but rather some basic rules regarding the use of colour. Notably: if you have a small room or a room that doesn’t receive a lot of natural light, using lighter coloured tiles will help you make the space look brighter. Conversely, darker coloured tiles will give the room a warmer atmosphere.

3. What size of tile is right for my project?

You can also use larger tiles to give a small room a larger effect. With fewer joints, the eye has less to focus on, giving the optical illusion that the space is larger than it actually is.


4. How many tiles do I need?

Before you start shopping, measure the dimensions of the walls and/or floors you wish to tile. If you wish to add a mosaic insert, you must mention it to the advisor in order to take it into account in the calculations. In the case of a larger project, it may be useful to bring layout plans.

Hexagonal tiles to be cut on the perimeter of the room

5. How many additional tiles should I add to my order?

When installing tile, it is inevitable that there will be some loss of material when cutting them and some of them will break. Broken tiles are considered loss since they can no longer be used. Depending on the tile format you choose and the layout of your room, you can calculate between 10 to 15% extra material.


6. What adhesive do I need?

The type of adhesive you need depends on the room you are installing the tiles, the type of tile you choose, the surface to be covered and how you plan to use it. If you wish to lay tiles over heating floor system, this will also affect the type of adhesive required.

7. What type of grout do I need?

There is a wide range of grout types and colours. Ask which one is best for creating the desired effect. Also, the thickness of the joint will completely change the look of a tile. Apart from a wide range of grout colours, there are also different properties for them. Depending on the application, there are sanded, unsanded, stain-resistant, epoxy, etc…

Tone on tone


The (a) consultant will guide you in the choice of the one that best suits your project. By asking each of these seven questions in store, you are sure to have the information you need to make the right choice of tiles. They will be beneficial to you for any type of project or renovation. Don’t hesitate to ask them to your advisor for your kitchen and bathroom renovations and commercial projects.

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