Flextherm® FLEXSnap R+

Flextherm® FLEXSnap R+

The only floor heating installation system that is compatible with self-levelers. Allows for the installation of a heating cable and floor covering in a single day.



  • Optimized for all FLEXTHERM surface cable lengths and sizes 
  • Replaces the second plywood or OSB panel in the floor’s structrue; Tested by the Tile Council of North America and rated “Extra Heavy”.
  • The only installation system on the market that replaces a second subfloor and allows the use of self-levelers 
  • Installation over plywood, concrete or OSB panels 
  • Install while standing thanks to the FLEXGlide tool
    (installation also possible with a wooden float or a similar tool) 
  • No memory form and easy snapping thanks to universal spigots 
  • Protects the cable from damage during and after installation 
  • Allows for a more uniform transition between a tiled, heated floor and an adjacent natural hardwood floor 
  • Reinforces the floor’s structure, thereby diminishing perceived vibrations 
  • 5 year limited warranty