Alpha® Porcellana Rail Saw Wet Blade

Alpha® Porcellana Rail Saw Wet Blade

The diamond grits and matrix are specially formulated to cut dense porcelain tile and slab with minimal chipping at optimal speed. The Alpha® Porcellana produces high quality cuts that will minimize waste and improve your bottom line. The 8 in and 10in blades are equipped with a 10mm continuous rim, which provides for a long cutting life. When used properly, re-dressing of the blade is not necessary, which improves efficiency. Besides porcelain, Alpha® Porcellana cuts well on most common materials such as marble and granite tile.

  • #PT1001


  • Size : 10in
  • Thickness : 1.6mm
  • Max RPM : 5 900
  • Arbor : 1 in, 5/8 in