Raimondi® R.L.S. basic floor Kit

Raimondi® R.L.S. basic floor Kit

The RLS Floor Kit provides all the tools you need to use the Raimondi Levelling System. It consists of 1 pair of special traction-adjustable pliers for floor covering allowing quick and easy insertion of the wedge into the clip and optimising pressure on the tile. 100 wedges and 100 1.5mm clips are provided for use with tiles of thickness 3 – 12mm. RLS is also the quickest and easiest to remove: spacers can be kicked gently to remove them from floor, without the need for a special tool.

  • #180KIT100



  • 100x 3 mm clips for tile thicknesses of 1/8″ to 1/2″
  • 100x reusable wedges
  • 1 set of Raimondi Floor Pliers