Dustcontrol® DC1800 Dust Extractor

Dustcontrol® DC1800 Dust Extractor

The DC1800 is suitable for general cleaning and source extraction from hand-held power tools (with up to 5” suction casings) and small portable tools such as a small table saw. The DC1800 is small, lightweight and ideal for those that need a highly portable 120v machine that is powerful enough or source extraction. As with all of our mobile dust extractors the DC1800 has three stage filtration consisting of a cyclone, pre-filter and a certified hepa filter. With its minimal weight, it is easy to carry onto the job site and can be easily stored in a job box or rolled under a workbench. The sturdy construction is perfect for the demands of the construction and machine rental industry, or anyone that needs a light yet powerful dust extractor. The DC1800 is equipped with a steel container for dust collection, which can then be paired with a plastic bag for convenient and clean emptying.

All of Dustcontrol Canada’s machines are CSA approved

  • #D101807


Comes with :

  • Antistatic hose set Ø1.5" /38 mm x 15'/5m (Part No's 2012 +2108 +2114) )
  • Aluminum floor tool B 370, 1.5"/38 mm (Part No 7235)
  • Chrome steel wand Ø?1.5"/38 mm (Part No 7257)
  • Plastic sacks (Part No 42291) 
  • Basket for plastic sack (Part No 42369) 
  • Fine filter, cellulose (Part No 42029) 
  • HEPA H13 filter (Part No 42027)
  • 120V outlet plug