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October 5, 2020

How to choose the colour of your grout?

That’s it! Your tile selection is completed! You have successfully chosen the collection(s) that suit your renovation project. Now, it’s time to choose your grout colour! This decision may seem trivial, but it will define the final look of your installation. 

Grouting is the last step in your tile project. The grout is used to join the tiles together once they are glued down. Grout also has an aesthetic function as it comes in a multitude of colours and properties. Depending on the desired effect, the question arises: a grout in the same tones as your tiles or a contrasting grout?

Keep in mind that the colour of the grout has a direct impact on the result. You must choose it according to a few criteria: the colour of your tiles, the look you want to create for and of course your personal taste! 

There are two schools of thought when selecting your grout colour. And each one has its advantages and disadvantages.


Tone on tone

Tone on tone grout 

If you prefer a neutral look, choose a grout in the same tones as your tiles. This will even out and soften the final look of your tiles. On the floor, it may be more judicious to choose a grout in the same colour as your tiles to give a spacious effet, while giving the impression of a uniform floor. 

If your tiles are patterned, avoid a visual overload with a contrasting grout. Patterns will be more than enough to give the touch of originality you are looking for. It is important to know that light coloured grouts are more messy. Therefore, for surfaces such as your floors and kitchen countertops, a dark grout and a narrow joint width can avoid inconveniences in terms of maintenance. 

Contrasting grout  

A grout more contrasting with the tile will bring out the shape of the tile. We often see a dark grout for white tiles, such as subway tiles to give a more vintage look that is very trendy. A coloured grout for a white tile or mosaic can also give the touch of colour you are looking for. It is important to know that a contrasting grout will give a much more dynamic visual effect so it can be interesting to use it with noble and neutral materials. 

Always remember that when in doubt, it’s better to ask for the help of a sales representative to fully appreciate the final result!

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