Residential Project

Welcoming & Minimalist: Ingenious Space Design

In this project, the designers were faced with the challenge of transforming the space above the client's garage into an integrated bathroom and bedroom. Despite the limited dimensions, they successfully harmonized functionality and aesthetics to achieve an elegant solution.

The bathroom, devoid of a door but separated by a subtle glass screen, exudes a sense of openness. The deliberate use of light-colored tiles from the Glocal collection, in a 24 by 24-inch format, was chosen to create a greater sense of spaciousness in the environment. The patterns of the matte white hexagonal tiles from the Scale collection on the shower walls infuse a gentle dynamism and a touch of charm to the whole. This bathroom, adjacent to the bedroom, was thoughtfully designed, incorporating black accents in the finishes and wooden furniture to establish a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Viva Ici

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Installed products

Scale Hexagon
Scale Hexagon
10 colours
12 colours

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