Centura Education

In this issue:
  • Small details make a big difference when creating an environment conducive to learning and exploring. From the ground we walk on, the walls that frame our every step, and our surrounding’s all-round look and feel.
  • Heavy-use walkways? Sphera Element (page 126) handles high foot traffic while complimenting your environment.

  • Cost-efficient timely installation? Model’up (page 132) quickly installs without adhesive.

  • Need a monolithic wall with minimal grout joints? Take a look at our porcelain slabs starting on page 70.

Feature story

Centura has put together a comprehensive Product Guide to assist you in selecting products which will stand up to the abuse of Education facilities while achieving a high level of aesthetic.

Centura; a Canadian leader in wall and floor covering, is committed to a higher level of detail in all products and services – for a refined, professional setting that satisfies your needs. Feel free to contact your Centura Sales Representative for more detailed information on any of our products.