Centura Magazine Fall

In this issue:
  • CementMix by Vitra
  • Norr 2.0 by Mirage is a new collection of porcelain stoneware
  • Lett Architects makes us discover one of their recent projects.
  • The Sonata Elements LVT collection
  • ECONYL®: Recycled Nylon
Feature story
Cromatica by Florim: a lexicon of colour shades for mixing. A large size and its submultiples.

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, two Italian designers based in Amsterdam, are the founders of the Formafantasma studio. Their studio has created a coherent body of work characterized by the experimental investigation of matter, exploring topics such as the relationship between tradition and local identity, the critical approach to sustainability, and the meaning of objects as devices for cultural relations.

In Cromatica, the gradual, constant engineering of the production processes of architectural ceramics has made it possible to manufacture larger and larger sizes and develop more and more precise colour gradation systems, which also produce slabs of material in amazingly bright, shiny colours; at the same time, increasingly accurate controlled mechanisation of manufacturing cycles has helped to make the potential, minimal flaws in the finished product completely imperceptible. On the one hand, this has had the beneficial outcome of quality standards absolutely inconceivable until the recent past, but on the other it has often led to worries about the risk - intrinsic in a virtually “perfect” modular, mass-produced product - of minimising, or even completely eliminating, the stimulating visual variety once created by the sequential repetition of ceramic tiles when every one had its own, individual flaws.

Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto at work

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin

Detail of Villa colour tiles

With the Cromatica collection, Formafantasma investigates fresh possibilities provided by the “colour factor” in contemporary ceramics manufacturing, while at the same time meeting the need to provide continuous spreads of covering, technically perfect but still offering the fascinating potential for compositions of individual pieces which are never monotonous. The entire collection - produced in a variety of sizes - includes six basic colours, with two types of surface finish (one natural, the other glossy); the slab production cycle combines different technologies to deliver a rich lexicon of shades and gradations on the large surface of a single ceramic panel: the small sizes in the collection, “offcuts” from the larger slabs, are combined - even at random - to create compositions with a wide variety of colours, for design schemes featuring unique, original chromatic blends.

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  • Norr 2.0 by Mirage is reimagined with a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and finishes, and offers endless applications for floors, walls and interior design solutions, in both public and residential settings.
  • Carpenter by Argenta Ceramica is a new collection born out of the union between the most advanced technology and versatility, which gives it a multi-purpose, cutting-edge character that is perfect for many spaces.
  • The new Sarlon and Modul'up collection by Forbo is the best loose lay floor covering available for high-traffic applications. It can be installed quickly without adhesives, but is even more time and cost efficient at time of replacement.
  • Small details make a big difference when creating an environment conducive to learning and exploring. From the ground we walk on, the walls that frame our every step, and our surrounding’s all-round look and feel.
  • Heavy-use walkways? Sphera Element (page 126) handles high foot traffic while complimenting your environment.

  • Cost-efficient timely installation? Model’up (page 132) quickly installs without adhesive.

  • Need a monolithic wall with minimal grout joints? Take a look at our porcelain slabs starting on page 70.

  • A wide range of products, from ceramic to rubber, that meet the requirements of institutional projects.
  • A colorbody porcelain collection that interprets the elegant Ceppo di Gré of Italy, a special stone valued for its beauty and strength since ancient times.
  • New rubber flooring formulation that avoids color fading. ABPURE® is a revolutionary patented formulation with far superior colorfastness.
  • Electrotile Conductive (CVT) and Static Dissipative (SDT) tiles play an essential role in safeguarding critical electronic equipment.
  • The flexibility of ULTRA technology allows the various product collections developed by Ariostea to be completely adapted to generate projects ranging from simple flooring or coverings for large or small surfaces to object-based applications and furnishing accessories.
  • Constantly striving to develop manufacturing systems and technologies that exceed the aesthetic expectations of the architectural industry, ONIX has developed a range of glass mosaics that are made of 98% recycled glass.
  • Envire rubber sheet and tile was developed for use in high traffic areas that require natural resilience, exceptional wear resistance and dimensional stability.
  • Ideal for use in operating rooms, labs, pharmacies, classrooms, corridors, multi-purpose areas, municipal and government buildings.
  • A wide range of products from tile to carpet that are mindful of our environment.
  • Lithos by Cotto d'Este is a highly eco-friendly collection that uses less raw materials, lower water and energy consumption, produces less co2 emissions and has 40% pre-consumer recycled content.
  • Large-format porcelain slabs that range in recycled content.
  • A wide range of mosaic collections that are made with 98% recycled glass.
  • Cosmopolitan by Mirage
  • CementMix : Inspired by living textures and warm colours
  • 2cm collection
  • Lett Architects project
  • ULTRA: the new use of porcelain in the creation of floors, walls and furniture
  • Concrete jungle: porcelain stoneware to recreate the atmosphere of large modern cities in your projects. 
  • Mashup: Cement in a new light 
  • Okium Collection: Innovation at the service of craftsmanship
  • Copperstone: History with a modern twist
  • Lemmy: The beauty of aged and worn metal
  • Rockland Centre: A successful challenge for Centura
  • Urbancrete: Simple and sophisticated
  • Matrice : Dichotomy between reproduction and creation
  • FES : When craftsmanship inspires ceramics
  • Project Glenora : A bathroom inspired by nature
  • Elemento Collection : Give way to creativity
  • Raimondi : Innovate to make work easier
  • Centura Vancouver: grand reopening
  • Storie: history leaves its marks
  • Ultra: from large thin formats to infinite possibilities
  • Aluminum: back to the 1950s
  • Étoile de Rex: exceptional reproductions of rare marbles
  • IDNTY: a barbershop reflecting its owners' lifestyle 
  • Ariostea Ultra: a look at an exceptional XXL series
  • Cromatica designed by Formafantasma
  • Project: Blanville House, XXL tiles for a residential use
  • Chromazone: colour forecast workshop 
  • Marvel Gems: Venetian terrazzo in a modern execution