Centura Magazine : Summer 2024

In this issue : 

  • Discover the Color 2.0 collection: vibrant hues, modular design, and versatile sizes ignite artistic freedom. With 21 contemporary shades, unleash endless combinations. From refined pastels to rich tones, invigorate any space. Seamlessly transition between tones for timeless design.

  • Immerse yourself in the cultural splendor of Hanoi. These tiles bring the essence of Vietnam to your spaces through distinctive patterns, intricate textures, and a harmonious colour palette. Each tile, meticulously crafted, embodies the heritage of Hanoi, making it a true piece of art

  • Perkins & Will : Weldon Library Revitalization. Originally designed by John Andrews in 1967, the D.B. Weldon Library at Western University has been the central library for over 50 years. Before renovation, the Brutalist building was primarily a print repository with limited study space, low access to daylight and fresh air, and lacked modern programs and spaces for 21st-century learning.

  • Explore the best outdoor tile collections, from sleek and modern to rustic and charming, in this curated selection. Find inspiration for updating your patio, deck, or pool area with these unique tiles. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ultimate outdoor tile experience.


Centura Magazine : Summer 2023

In this issue : 

  • Explore Equipe's vibrant coastal collection inspired by Costa Nova beach in Portugal. 15 lively colors, Onda and Praia reliefs add to the coastal theme, offering versatile and elegant design possibilities.

  • Introducing Panda White, Blue Tempest, and Patagonia to the Ultra Marmi collection. Unique variegated patterns and cutting-edge technology make them perfect for any design project. Don't miss these brand-new surfaces on page 28.

  • Discover the best outdoor tile collections in our curated section. From modern to rustic designs, update your patio, deck, or pool area with inspiring and transforming styles. Let us guide you through the ultimate outdoor tile experience.

Centura Magazine : Fall 2022

In this issue :

  • Norr 2.0 by Mirage is reimagined with a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and finishes, and offers endless applications for floors, walls and interior design solutions, in both public and residential settings.
  • Carpenter by Argenta Ceramica is a new collection born out of the union between the most advanced technology and versatility, which gives it a multi-purpose, cutting-edge character that is perfect for many spaces.
  • The new Sarlon and Modul'up collection by Forbo is the best loose lay floor covering available for high-traffic applications. It can be installed quickly without adhesives, but is even more time and cost efficient at time of replacement.

Centura Education

In this issue :

  • From the ground we walk on, the walls that frame our every step, and our surrounding’s all-round look and feel.
  • Sphera Element - Handles high foot traffic while complimenting your environment.
  • Model’up - Quickly installs without adhesive.
  • Take a look at our porcelain slabs 

Centura Healthcare

In this issue :

  • A wide range of products, from ceramic to rubber, that meet the requirements of institutional projects.
  • Ceppo di Gré of Italy — A colourbody porcelain collection that interprets the elegant.
  • ABPURE® — New rubber flooring formulation that avoids colour fading. 
  • Electrotile Conductive (CVT) and Static Dissipative (SDT) tiles

Winter 2022

In this issue :

  • The flexibility of ULTRA technology allows the various product collections developed by Ariostea
  • ONIX has developed a range of glass mosaics that are made of 98% recycled glass.
  • Envire rubber sheet and tile was developed for use in high traffic areas that require natural resilience, exceptional wear resistance and dimensional stability.
  • Ideal for use in operating rooms, labs, pharmacies, classrooms, etc.

Sustainable Building 2021

In this issue :

  • A wide range of products from tile to carpet that are mindful of our environment.
  • Lithos by Cotto d’Este is a highly eco-friendly collection that uses less raw materials, lower water and energy consumption, produces less co2 emissions and has 40% pre-consumer recycled content.
  • Large-format porcelain slabs that range in recycled content.
  • A wide range of mosaic collections that are made with 98% recycled glass.

Fall 2020

In this issue : 

  • CementMix by Vitra
  • Norr 2.0 by Mirage is a new collection of porcelain stoneware
  • Lett Architects makes us discover one of their recent projects.
  • The Sonata Elements LVT collection
  • ECONYL®: Recycled Nylon

Spring 2020

In this issue : 

  • Cosmopolitan by Mirage
  • CementMix : Inspired by living textures and warm colours
  • 2cm collection
  • Lett Architects project

Centura Outdoors 2020

In this issue :

  • ULTRA: the new use of porcelain in the creation of floors, walls and furniture
  • Concrete jungle: porcelain stoneware to recreate the atmosphere of large modern cities in your projects. 
  • Mashup: Cement in a new light 

Fall 2019

In this issue : 

  • Okium Collection: Innovation at the service of craftsmanship
  • Copperstone: History with a modern twist
  • Lemmy: The beauty of aged and worn metal
  • Rockland Centre: A successful challenge for Centura
  • Urbancrete: Simple and sophisticated

Summer 2019

In this issue : 

  • Matrice : Dichotomy between reproduction and creation
  • FES : When craftsmanship inspires ceramics
  • Project Glenora : A bathroom inspired by nature
  • Elemento Collection : Give way to creativity
  • Raimondi : Innovate to make work easier

Spring 2019

In this issue : 

  • Centura Vancouver: grand reopening
  • Storie: history leaves its marks
  • Ultra: from large thin formats to infinite possibilities
  • Aluminum: back to the 1950s
  • Étoile de Rex: exceptional reproductions of rare marbles
  • IDNTY: a barbershop reflecting its owners’ lifestyle 

Winter 2018

In this issue : 

  • Ariostea Ultra: a look at an exceptional XXL series
  • Cromatica designed by Formafantasma
  • Project: Blanville House, XXL tiles for a residential use
  • Chromazone: colour forecast workshop 
  • Marvel Gems: Venetian terrazzo in a modern execution

Summer 2018

In this issue : 

  • Uniquestone: shades of silk to dark night
  • Rebekah Higgs: DIY Mom
  • Project: a Muskoka cottage renovation
  • Outdoor Centura Tiles
  • Patchwork: new patterns for your floors

Spring 2018

In this issue :

  • Equipe: their new daring tile series
  • Sphera by Forbo: a vibrant visual for vinyl flooring
  • Glocal: essential, neutral and tactile
  • Slash: colour is back!
  • Sfumature: tradition, elegance and aesthetics

Fall 2017

In this issue : 

  • Encaustic: a tribute to 19th century cement tiles
  • Jewels: bright new marble finishes
  • Colour Market: the soft colours of Brazil
  • Project: the Green Door House in Hamilton

Summer 2017

In this issue : 

  • Marvel Gems: trendy terrazzo tiles
  • DeCurtis Design Inc: when designers listen to their customer aspirations
  • evo-Q: new quartzite tiles with natural colours
  • Project: a Montreal basement reinvented by J&J Interiors
  • Abaco: singular shapes with a realistic stone look

Spring 2017

In this issue :

  • Industrial Glass: when factories become a source of inspiration
  • I Classici by Rex: contemporary and traditional at the same time
  • Bits and Pieces: a unique tile collection
  • Project: incursion at 21 Welsford in North York, Ontario
  • Coverlam: outdoors or indoors use of XXL tiles